Undergraduate research can be a transformative experience for students during their college years. The College of Engineering values the importance of undergraduate research and seeks to help students and faculty connect in their research, so it is a professional and relevant experience that positively impacts everyone.

Each school in the COE has various opportunities related to undergraduate research. Visit the "students" tab of this page to learn more. Additionally, many faculty advertise their research opportunities in the individual school newsletters, so be sure to keep an eye out for those each week!

Many campus offices across campus also support undergraduate research, including the STEM Leaders program and the Office of Undergraduate Research, Scholarship, and the Arts.

There are many REUs (research experience for undergraduates) that students can take part in outside of OSU. Visit the "students' tab of this page to find the REU page, which will be continuously updated as new opportunities arise.

For questions about how you can get involved in undergraduate research, please contact Kathryn Walters, Student Engagement Coordinator, at kathryn.walters@oregonstate.edu

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