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Interested in learning more about your major, making new friends, connecting your course work to the “real world"?  Getting involved in a research project is a great way to do all that and more. 

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The Sophomore Women's Research Fellowship program will partner students with faculty mentors on research projects. The program provides $500 stipends for both fall 2017 and winter 2018 

Program requirements:

·         Students will be expected to work at least 5 hours a week for 8 weeks, each term.

·         Attend 3-4 fellowship meetings, typically scheduled in the evening.  

·         At the end of fall term a short project summary and receive mentor approval will be required for continued funding.  

·         At the end of winter term present  in a poster session.   


To qualify for this program you must be a sophomore (minimum 45 credits) in fall term and be enrolled as a pre-engineer for least 12 credits, (OSU/LBCC duel enrollment qualifies).  You must also be in good academic standing.  

Students should also be able to commit to a fixed number (~5) of hours per week and a set work schedule.  It is expected students will communicate progress and lack of progress to mentors and be willing to attempt new things requiring self-learning

Some example projects include:

        ·         Using bacteria to clean-up ground contamination.

        ·         Characterization of Bovine Caudal Discs as a Model for Human Discs

        ·         OnBoarding: Barriers newcomers face with Open Source Software

        ·         Quantifying the Uncertainty of the Environmental Impacts during the Use Phase of common products

        ·         Soft Robotics: 3-chambered soft pneumatic actuator

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Students will be selected by September 15th and paired with research mentors before the start of fall term 2017


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For questions or more information contact: Alicia Lyman-Holt, COE Director of Undergraduate Research