Getting a proposal to the point where it can be submitted requires a great deal of effort. However, writing the technical part and assembling all the documents is only part of the process. Oregon State University requires nearly all proposals to route internally through Cayuse for OSRAA approval before submission to sponsor. Each sponsor may also have a different submission method; either email, sponsor-specific website, or sponsor-specific software. Check out the dropdown list for links and helpful tips on some of the more common submission formats.

Here are some tips for success once you've routed:

1) Be available

It is critically important that, once you submit your proposal to OSRAA through Cayuse, you are readily available to respond to feedback and to make any required proposal fixes.

2) Manage your expectations

In fairness to PIs and project teams who route to OSRAA within five business days of the sponsor deadline, even when the volume is large, proposals received on time will always be fully processed - including necessary resubmissions - before those that arrive to OSRAA late. OSRAA and the COE Research Administration team will do all it can to submit your proposal on time, but it is important to understand how proposals are prioritized and the associated risk of not meeting OSRAA's deadlines.

3) Manage risk

OSRAA and COE Research Administration team will do everything possible to get the proposal to the sponsor on time. However, as the amount of time for processing is reduced, the chance for insurmountable obstacles increases. Certain parts of the review process lay outside OSRAA and, therefore, are subject to the schedules of other offices and even other universities. With sufficient lead time, OSRAA and COE Research Administration team can compensate for these problems. Therefore, we ask faculty to make every effort to provide the maximum time possible for OSRAA to process and adequately review their proposals.