OSU Foundation handles unrestricted fund awards and gifts. If a faculty memeber applies for such a grant, it is important to keep a few things in mind.

  • Budgets still need to be approved by OSRAA via Cayuse.
  • OSU Foundation will, in most cases, submit the proposal to the sponsor after OSRAA approves the budget. Faculty members should check with a Foundation representative before proceeding.
  • If a faculty member decides to submit directly to the sponsor, after OSRAA budget approval, OSU Foundation will need to receive a copy for their records.
  • OSU Foundation charges a 5% gift fee on the total budgeted award. The fee cannot be waived. On those solicitations that stipulate no overhead, the 5% gift fee will come directly out of the award (e.g. PI would receive $4,750 of a $5,000 award).