Indirect cost are typically associated with Facilities and Administrative (F&A) costs that cannot be associated with any one project to maintain operations of facilities.


Quick IDC rate reference for on-campus (source)

Organized Sponsored Research (Non-DOD) 47.0% 
Organized Sponsored Research (DOD) 47.7%
Industry sponsored Research Agreements 52.0%
Other Sponsored Activity


State of Oregon Agency


US Department of Education


No F&A is charged on grants from ONAMI, OBEST, VentureWell, OSU Venture Development Fund and American Chemical Society.



OSU Indirect Cost Agreement Indirect Cost agreement often required as evidence in proposal documents. These rates are negotiated with the Federal government. They are not negotiable unless a solicitation otherwise restricts or prohibits them.
USDA NIFA Indirect Costs Instructions on how to figure F&A for USDA NIFA proposals.