Government agencies, including but not limited to the Department of Energy, Department of Defense, and National Institutes for Health, require submissions through Cayuse 424 can be used instead of by linking the 424 proposal to the Cayuse SP proposal. Cayuse 424 is the preferred electronic submittal method by Sponsored Programs. However, some sponsors will only take submissions. Please double check the solicitation before proceeding. 

To link Cayuse 424 with Cayuse SP, click “create a paired proposal” at the bottom of the general screen of your Cayuse SP proposal. This will open up Cayuse 424 so you can download/pair an opportunity number to your proposal. You will be able to access both  the SP and 424 proposals directly from Cayuse. Click on this icon SP Icon from you Cayuse SP proposal record to access your Cayuse 424 proposal. Upload your saved SF 424 form in your Cayuse SP “attachments” section for Sponsored Program review and approval.