Grant Transfer to OSU

Grant Transfer from OSU

Steps to take before contacting COE Proposal Support Team (Initiate)

  1. Obtain approval from current institution to reliquish grant in the form of a relinquishing statement signed by department head, dean/director, and director of institution's Sponsored Research Office . All co-PIs must be notified of the grant transfer.
  2. Coordinate with Sponsored Research Office or departmental grant coordinator at current institution to finalize the following:
    1. Exact and final amount of unexpended funds to be transferred
    2. Capital equipment purchases and transfers
    3. Personnel commitments, especially graduate students, to determine if their participation is integral to the project's success.
  3. Confirm status of any cost-sharing commitment made by original institution. Some agencies require any cost-share made at original institution to be transferred to new institution.
  4. Confirm compliance or other commitments that will be transferred.
  5. Contact Program Manager at funding agency to find out requirements related to grant transfers.
  6. Once all this information is ready, submit a request for service to COE Proposal Support Team.

Steps to completion

  1. Work with COE Proposal Support team to create a budget and justification based on remaining unexpended funds with appropriate OSU rates.
  2. Upload the following to Cayuse for OSRAA approval:
    1. Copy of original proposal
    2. Copy of original award notice
    3. Most recent progress report
    4. Copy of scope of work if transfer changes the scope
    5. Detailed budget and justification
    6. Other compliance documents (animal use, human subjects, etc.)
    7. Signed relinquishing statement from prior university
  3. Once OSRAA approves Cayuse submission, PI forwards all required paperwork to agency.