Graduate students play an important role in the college.  Faculty should consult the Graduate Employee CGE Contract Resources for current contract requirements. Here is a summary of requirements as of 03/17/17:


  1. All graduate assistant appointments should extend from 16 September to 15 June (one academic year).  Term-to-term appointments must be a rare exception used only to address unforeseen, short-term needs of the unit.
  2. Hourly student-worker academic year appointments for graduate-level activities will generally not be approved effective fall term 2017 (16 Sept 2017). Units are referred to the Office of Budgets and Fiscal Planning memo of 03/14/17 for specifics.
  3. Units are directed to the CGE contract, Article 11, Section 3, Workload Fraction (FTE) to determine the average weekly workload for the appointment FTE level. Minimum 0.3 FTE appointment is required.
  4. Units are encouraged to reappoint students for the following academic year during spring term of the current academic year whenever such reappointments are anticipated.
  5. Graduate students working in a research capacity during the summer can be appointed as graduate assistants (GA) or using hourly pay.  Students must register for a minimum of three credits during summer even if on hourly pay to carry out research work.  


Guidance on converting hourly GA appointments is available from the Budget Office. Please contact for more information.


Cost of a GRA per COE School Here is how much to budget for a GA by COE School
Graduate Tuition - AY 2017-2018 Rates COE resident graduate student tuition applies
COE Graduate Salary Rates - AY 2017-2018 Suggested rates for each school (CBEE, CCE, EECS, MIME, NSE)

OSU 2017-2018 Employment Guidelines

Memo released with minimum base monthly salary, as well as general guidelines for hourly effort, and credit hour eligibility for fee subsidy
OSU Coalition of Graduate Employees, American Federation of Teachers Local 6069 Collective Bargaining Agreement (Oct 2016 - Jun 2020) Governing Policy on GA pay, effort, tuition waivers, benefits, etc.
OSU Tuition Remission Policy How to budget and account for GRA tuition remission as an expense. Rules for FTE levels that accompany remission. Tuition and Fees are IDC exempt (see sample budget template)
OSU Policy on GA payment from multiple index
OSU Hourly Student Pay Scale Allowable pay scale for hourly student workers
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