CMMI Guidelines for REU Supplements

CMMI participates in the support of Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) supplements as outlined in NSF 13-542 with the following conditions specific to CMMI: 

  • REU supplement proposals submitted to CMMI programs are accepted only between September 1 and March 31 each fiscal year, and should be submitted at least three months before the desired start of the proposed activity. 

  • CMMI provides support for one REU student per active award in an amount up to $8,000, with the exception that an additional $8,000 in support may be provided for a second student if that student is a pre-selected woman, minority or disabled student.  

  • If the REU student is pre-selected, the student's CV must be provided with the supplement proposal. If the REU student is not pre-selected, the recruitment process and selection criteria must be outlined.

  • Requests for REU supplements must be made on an annual basis, and expiring awards may not receive a no-cost extension only to enable the principal investigator to submit an REU supplement request. 

  • CMMI does not accept proposals for REU sites.