Your great ideas are at the center of your proposal, but meeting the rest of the application requirements can be overwhelming. Our Proposal Managers are here to help! Request support here.

The Engineering Research Administration team has also created a range of templates and resources, listed in the sidebar. The forms and templates section covers budgets and institutional forms as well as templates for NSF and NIH. We've also taken the guesswork out of GA appointments, OPE, F&A, and travel by providing rate tables. Conflict of interest and broader impacts information is in here too.

Print a copy of our detailed proposal submission checklist and keep it handy as you work on your next proposal. 

Budget development in order of appearance:

  1. Download a template budget
  2. Salary guidelines for Faculty, graduate assistants and undergraduate workers
  3. Fringe Rate determination (OPE)
  4. Travel budgeting
  5. Participant Support
  6. Materials and Supplies and Other Direct Costs