Welcome to COE Research Administration

Submit a request to the Research Administration team. Our staff assists Faculty, Research Associates and Assistants, Graduate students, and staff in the College of Engineering with the following pre-award proposal functions:

  • Budget and budget justification preparation
  • Initiate Cayuse SP and Cayuse 424 records
  • Support entries in FastLane and SF 424 forms (or Cayuse 424)
  • Inform and educate regarding OSU/Sponsor Requirements
  • Act as a liaison between PI and:
    ·   Office of Sponsored Research and Award Administration (OSRAA)
    ·   Extramural/Intramural Collaborators
    ·   Subcontractors
    ·   Business and Engineering Business Center (BEBC)
    ·   Post Award / Grant Accountant

For assistance with any of these pre-award items, please send us a Request for Services via this link or by clicking the "Request for Services" button on the right-hand sidebar.

To make sure every request gets the full attention it deserves, please adhere to the following deadline policies when you contact us:

Three weeks from sponsor deadline is optimal notice, especially for complex projects. 

Nine business days before sponsor deadline is the minimum required notice for COE Research Administration support assistance. Requests made eight or fewer business days before sponsor deadline will be accommodated at the discretion of Proposal Support grant coordinators, and based on work-flow availability.

Three business days before sponsor deadline is the amount of time it takes OSRAA to review a proposal. OSRAA asks PIs to route proposals through Cayuse earlier (one full week before sponsor deadline) to allow time for departmental approvals and any corrections that may arise in the review process.

Same-day to sponsor requests for service will not be accommodated under any circumstances.


1) Offices are closed on University holidays, please keep in mind when requesting assistance.

2) Our peak submission periods are:

  • February through mid-May
  • July
  • September through November. Please make sure to request the Research Administration team's assistance at least three weeks in advance if you have a deadline during this time.

3) Collaborative proposals and subcontracts involve many moving pieces. If you are involved in one, and Oregon State is not the lead university, you must adhere to the lead university's deadline. For example, if the proposal is due to the primary funding agency on September 15, and the subcontracting university needs it by September 1 to route through their central award administration for approval, you should contact our team on August 19. Please work closely with your collaborators to determine any scheduling needs on their end, and keep COE Research Administration policies in mind.